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Roy Rivers is both an entertainer and a singer/songwriter whose songs and live concert events reflect the continuing spiritual journey of his life. As of this date, he has written over 140 songs. Roy’s voice has always been compared to that of John Denver and Roy has filled the Red Rocks Arena with his popular John Denver Tribute Shows.

Here is what Roy had to say about Boulder Creek Guitars:

“Hi Ya Gang,
I am very excited to be writing this letter as one of your newest artists. I consider this to be the beginning of a new era in my playing as well as my general musical creativity. Here’s why. Since becoming a professional artist some ten years ago, I have searched for an instrument line that would really speak to me and unlock even more of my natural passion to play and perform. I’ve played a lot of great individual instruments in my search, but until now, hadn’t found that something I’ve been looking for that really grabbed me and made me feel like “this is it!”

It wasn’t until one of my friends who owns a music store casually asked me to pick up the new Boulder Creek he had just got in, that I immediately felt the impact of what you’ve built into these guitars. I became quite lost in the moment and kept coming back for more! I found myself returning to the store 4 times to play it again and verify everything I have read about them on your website.

I see clearly why so many other pro casual players are flocking to them. They absolutely sing! They’ve got warmth with vibrance in every register. Their sustain and clarity is just excellent thanks to the SBS bracing. They have excellent acoustic sounding electronics! One great feature after another!

In short, I’m just absolutely thrilled that I’ll be taking my own new Boulder Creeks with me to major stages across the country and abroad. As an artist, my guitars often become my closest companions. They help me tell my stories, form my melodies and help create the magic for an audience that defines who I am and what I’m about. Boulder Creek Guitars have done that for me and that is something I have wanted to say about a guitar for a long time.””
Roy Rivers

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