Guitarist for Jason Aldean

Artist Bio / Description

Kurt Allison was born in Des Moines, IA on February 27th. He moved to Nashville and met Tully Kennedy (bass guitar) and Rich Redmond (drums/percussion). The three quickly formed an inseperable bond and created the III Kings, one of Nashville’s top call rhythm groups. They were discovered by Jason Aldean early in his career and have been recording and touring with Aldean since he got his record deal with Broken Bow. Besides constantly recording/touring with Aldean and doing various recording projects and live showcases around Nashville with the III Kings, Kurt is also part of the newly formed New Voice Entertainment, a full service music production company that he, Kennedy, Redmond, and mutual friend David Fanning created. Over the years, Kurt and the III Kings have worked with many artists outside of Aldean, and he and the group are expanding their horizons more and more every day with the creation of New Voice.

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