Artists Bio/Description

Keith Lightfoot is a songwriter, a musician, a singer, an author and a powerful motivational speaker.
​ ​
When he was seventeen years old Keith learned to play the ukulele and the guitar.

Keith writes about life, love, family, home and heaven. His words and his music describe what many people feel and what most are reluctant to talk about. Keith’s stage presence is well-documented and his ability to immediately connect with his audience has people tapping their feet and singing along even if they have not heard his songs before.​

​Keith describes his first introduction to the Riptide Ukulele as an immediate connection between instrument and musician, “There are no technical reasons to explain why we connected, it just felt good, right from the initial contact”. ​

Keith’s recent inclusion on the SPCA’s fund raising Music Album places​ him alongside the “Who’s Who” of Kiwi talent and helps to lift the profile of the ukulele into musical mainstream.





“The Riptide is delightful … Thank you!
Even my beautiful wife (who much prefers a guitar to a ukulele) said ‘Keith, I like the sound of your new ukulele much more than all your other ukuleles!’ … Jeff, let me assure you, Andrea is a woman who only says what she truly feels. :-)”