Ask any country singer and most will tell you they grew up singing in their local church. Jordyn Pepper is no exception. She was encouraged to use her talent by singing with the praise team as well as solos in their church where her mom, Debra was the Worship Leader. The vocal experience she gained along with the fulfillment of giving back the talent she’d been blessed with proved to be invaluable to her development as an artist. The training continued beyond the church doors as long days on the tractor provided the perfect opportunity for Jordyn to develop her personal singing style. There was only one radio station in town and it played country music. Fortunately for Jordyn, country happens to be her favorite. So, it’s no wonder that she has a deep love and appreciation for the genre. Through the consistent influence of country music and the hard working country life she’s lived Jordyn has managed to capture undeniable authenticity in every note she sings. She is what “country” is all about in every way.

Boulder Creek Stage and Studio Series ECS2-V Dreadnought