Georgia Grown Southern Country

The first song that Dustin Bragg can remember singing is “Copperhead Road,” the hit song from Steve Earle. “One of my favorite music memories is standing around deer camp listening to daddy play and everyone asking him, do you know this song or that song? And he knew them all,” says Dustin.

A true country southern boy at heart, Dustin grew up on a farm just outside the small town of Covington, Georgia. When he wasn’t hanging out with his two brothers, he lived the life of any southern country boy: hunting, fishing, and enjoying the waters of the Yellow River and Jackson Lake. In his youth, he discovered the fun of mud-bogging and four-wheeling.

Dustin was raised in a family that he describes as very tight, supportive and musical. “The old saying, ‘blood is thicker than water’ is very evident in my family circle,” he says. “Friends have come and gone but the family has never changed. We are simple, working people”.

Music played a big part in Dustin’s young life with the emphasis on country and southern rock. “My dad was the musician,” says Dustin, “and my mom turned me on to folks like Merle Haggard, The Eagles, Steve Earle and Skynyrd. My CD player tells of all genres, including AC/DC, Cory Smith and Bruce Springsteen.”

When it comes to his own music, Dustin may have been inspired by some of the best artists in country music and southern rock, but he is definitely a unique artist in his own right. He is adamant that he will never be seen as simply a ‘copy’. “I love southern country music that rocks, it’s sorta SWAMP COUNTRY,” he says with a smile. “And to give a song a unique twist, sometimes I like including unexpected sounds, such as adding swampy-style music to a southern rock-sounding song.” Dustin also continues to play to crowds throughout the southeast. He is generating fans on a global level thanks to the World Wide Web.

Dustin loves the energy that happens during his live shows. “Upbeat music is what people love at shows because it’s entertainment!” He also loves a good heartfelt ballad and can remember seeing tears roll off people’s faces when he has performed particularly moving songs. But all in all, he would say he is a country rocker, singing about his life and the things crazy kids do down in Georgia. “I want [audiences] to see me as a real guy and someone they would love to just go fishing with,” says Dustin.

Dustin is fortunate to be surrounded by great musicians. He uses their guidance as inspiration in his music. Dustin is a true star on the rise, as a performer, a recording artist and a songwriter. With his unique swampy country sound and engaging personality, he is the epitome of the Georgia country boy who knows how to rock.

Bragging Rights
Dustin proudly received his first artist endorsement from Boulder Creek Guitars in 2013. Dustin is a member ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). He has won various awards with local and national music associations.

Dustin has been playing music since he was 8 years old. He plays locally, all over the southeast and occasionally in Nashville. Dustin has contributed a lot of his time to playing benefits such as “Fight Like Tyler,” ” Koncert for Kerbow,” “Jonathan Bell Memorial Concert,” “St Jude Benefit Concert,” “Toys for Tots,” and many, many others over the years. He will be participating in the 2014 Nashville’s “Christmas 4 Kids.”

Dustin works with some great folks in Nashville. Preshias Harris, his music consultant of Nashville Music Line, has introduced him to several awesome co-writers. Bernie Nelson and Eddie Wilson are the two co-writers involved in the new songs which are available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and most music purchase sites.

Please look for them: “One Way Ticket Home” and “Ripped a Page Out of My Bible”

Both songs are available now with some new ones coming out early 2015. Also, Dustin is working on a CD that is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2015.

He has recently started teaching guitar. He really enjoys helping other people develop their talents. “I have been amazed at how well Dustin works with kids. I never knew he had so much patience; he is good with adults too. I was just blown away at how well he communicates with all of them,” said his mother.

Those who know him know Dustin is an avid hunter and fisherman. Aside from his music and walking his dog, Sadie, there isn’t anything he likes better.

Few know he was a Hot Shot Kid, with the renowned agents Joy and Jayme Pervis for many years until his music took his life in a different direction. He was in a McDonald’s and HGTV commercial. He also did some print ads and was a child photo for a lead in a movie years back. I am sure if the right role came around, he would still be willing to do some more acting. Dustin does, however, have a “real” southern accent: Hollywood didn’t understand what a “real” southern accent sounded like until Hollywood moved to Conyers and Covington, Georgia!

Born and raised in Covington Georgia, Dustin is the youngest son of Tiger and Kathy Bragg (Copy Central, Bragg Repair Service and Tiger Bragg Band) and the grandson of Dotti and Bob Bala of Conyers. Dustin’s two older brothers are Dalton and Dillon Bragg.

“I am working with some of the best people in the music business; so, expect some great new music soon!” Dustin said. “Without great family, good friends, awesome fans, and fantastic folks who believe in me, I’m just another kid who can play and sing.”


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