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In 2001 while touring in the US with Lir he left the band and stayed in the US.[1] After a move to San Francisco, Hopkins toured with The Who, playing keyboards on the 2001 Quadrophenia Tour.

Hopkins then released the full-length album Here Comes The Bright Light, which Dublin Event Guide dubbed “a classic.” Later he signed with independent label Reekus Records, with whom he released Amber and Green (2005)[2] and the single “Merry Christmas My Love”.[3] The title track for Amber and Green can be heard on the soundtrack for Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj,[4] and reached the Irish top 40 charts as did “Merry Christmas My Love”.

In 2007 he released the album Running With Knives. The album is featured in the soundtrack to Paris Hilton’s 2008 movie The Hottie & the Nottie featuring Joel Moore. According to Hopkins’ myspace page, a new full album should be released in 2009 entitled There Are Debts, containing the Hopkins/Damien Rice duet, “There Are Debts”.

Hopkins was an opening act for Sinead O’Conner, Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, David Gray, The Frames, and Matt Nathanson. Hopkins’ songs found a larger audience through wide-release motion pictures such as Paris Hilton’s The Hottie & the Nottie, Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj, Speed Dating, and The Year of Getting to Know Us, starring Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu and Sharon Stone. Tracks from this era can also be heard throughout MTV’s Real World Austin and Missing.

Hopkins released his latest LP, There Are Debts, through a limited release on iTunes and elsewhere in late October 2009. The album was released in Ireland in December 2010. The album features a duet with guest vocalist Damien Rice on the title track and back up vocals by Amy Kuney. “Dublin (feat. Laura Jansen)” is a confirmed single. Initial reviews of the album have been favorable.[5] Hot Press’ Jackie Hayden gave it 4/5 stars and dubbed it “one helluva album”. The Sunday Times also gave the album 4/5 stars and described the album as “sweet and tuneful”. They also stated, “[Hopkins’] duet with Laura Jansen, a Dutch singer, is a triumph. On Dublin, a gentle love song with hints of country, they produce a stunningly beautiful ballad.”[6] It is a RTE Radio 1 “Album of the Week”.
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