“The EBR3 is the most comfortable and sonically-even acoustic bass guitar I’ve ever played. The mahogany back puts out a surprising amount of low-end punch that I can feel in my ribcage, and the sturdily-braced cedar top speaks freely with a unique growl that translates well both live and when miked in the studio. When I plugged the EBR3 straight into my old Ampeg B-15, I was thrilled to discover a warm hollow-body electric tone that reminded me of the 1950s Kay Pro basses. In lower-volume acoustic settings, I’ve been very grateful to have the top-side soundhole as a personal monitor. Played live, I find that the bass sits quite easily against my body and is not at all awkward to get my arms and wrists around. The instrument represents a huge step forward in acoustic bass guitar design – well done, Boulder Creek!”

Chris Donohue (Bassist for Tom Jones)

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