Alyssa Bonagura | Boulder Creek Artist

One listen and it becomes crystal clear that Alyssa Bonagura was born to make music. With a voice that touches somewhere deep inside, Alyssa’s soulful sound and powerful lyrics will send you jet-setting into a broad range of human emotions. Growing up on the open roads of America, with her RCA country recording artists parents, Baillie & The Boys, made it impossible for Alyssa not to witness the power and magic of music. At just 3 weeks old, her cradle was the gentle rocking of a tour bus. Her play ground encompassed sound checks at fairs and festivals and back stage dressing rooms at a slew of different venues including the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Award shows, and her “extended family” consisted of managers, promoters, roadies, musicians and other fellow mainstream country artists.

Alyssa has become a songwriting seamstress for a number of artists, a producer, and a band member of the west coast folk & classic rock n’ roll sounds of The Sisterhood Band with friend Ruby Stewart, all while simultaneously having a career as a solo artist. She’s created life long friendships with fellow songwriters, artists and musicians, and has been called “A fixture on Nashville’s indie singer-songwriter scene” by Rolling Stone.

Alyssa has many accomplishments in the singer/songwriter community: Writing with Jeffrey Steele, Michelle Branch, Hunter Hayes, and JD Souther. Most recently, Steven Tyler recorded and performed Alyssa’s song “I Make My Own Sunshine”. The song is included on his solo album “We’re All Somebody from Somewhere.” She also performed the song live with Tyler!

“Road Less Traveled” is Alyssa’s newly released solo Country album. It encompasses elements of early Sheryl Crow mixed with Joni Mitchell like vocals. It harkens back to the greats from multiple decades, yet is completely unique in today’s music.

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