Ainsley Diaz Stevens - Boulder Creek Artist

Ainsley’s music is influenced by a rock, folk and country style. Her voice has an angelic tone, it is very strong, versatile, dynamic, unique and moving. Ainsley’s use of vocal and lyrical melody, put together with the use, skill and uniqueness of her voice and style create a very interesting, different and refreshing sound. Ainsley’s songs are soulful and catchy. The lyrics, heart felt, poetic, driven and true relate to many, with the stories they tell.

Ainsley’s live performance with her band is vibrant, rockin’ and energetic. Her acoustic sets are a little more intimate and emotive but she can still get your toes tapping. Ainsley excites the crowd with her great stage presence and showmanship, when asked she says “The stage feels like home to me, somewhere where I feel totally at peace within and where I can truly express emotions and myself” She gives the audience a raw emotion, both live and on record.