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Aaron Ball Band, four-piece Country Rock/Rock from Auckland, New Zealand and Idaho. The original band, with International tour experience, has recently returned from New Zealand where Aaron Ball and Dave Bowman performed in support of their 2013 release New Beginnings.

Aaron Ball Band has kept an active schedule since the release of their third album New Beginnings in 2013. Aaron Ball Band toured the Western United States in the spring and summer of 2013. Months later, singer-songwriter Aaron Ball relocated to Auckland, NZ where he initiated his first tour of the Southern Hemisphere as a solo artist.

In 2014, Aaron Ball Band again visited both the U.S. and New Zealand markets. As a result of hard work in both continents, Aaron Ball has maintained a top position on the Reverbantion Country charts for Auckland NZ and the band currently holds the #2 position on the National Reverbnation charts in New Zealand.

New Beginnings includes the remix of the hit “Second Gear” which received substantial radio airplay when it was originally released in 2010. The song “Omaha” from the 2013 release has been played both on Internet and terrestrial stations. The album is available for sale digitally worldwide on iTunes and via his website at www.AaronBallMusic.com.

Whether performing as a solo or part of his band, Aaron Ball maintains a personal connection and provides a performance that is suitable for audiences of all ages. Over the past five years, the Aaron Ball Band has also reached out to a larger national audience with national tours, hitting cities from Los Angeles to Nashville.

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