Art the Dude

Songwriter | Singer

Art came from a family of musicians. His father, “Woody”, played boogie-woogie and honky tonk piano as a young man. His mother, Joyce (“Jo”) was a wonderful poet, songwriter and lyricist, also was a great source of inspiration. His brothers are gifted guitarists and his sisters all sing. Being the youngest of 7 siblings, all that music in his house had a profound affect on him.

Over the years, many artists have influenced Art. They include: Bob Dylan, The Doobie Brothers, John Prine, Johnny Cash, SRV, John Mellencamp, Howlin’ Wolf, and Paul Rodgers. According to Art, the full list would fill pages.

These days, he plays mostly originals with an occasional cover song mixed in.

Rather than being defined by a single genre of music, Art draws from many different styles to craft his musical expression. He writes folk, rock, blues, country, humorous songs – and, at times, would give Weird Al a run for his satirical money.

Art says, “Keep rockin’, bluesin’ and countryin’!”

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