Our Riptide Series ukuleles look different and sound amazing! We were the first to use a dual-port system. Why?

The side port allows the player to hear more of what they are playing. In an acoustic setting, it also acts as an organic monitor. Without a center sound hole, there is more sound board area producing improved project. In a review of one of our concert models, Ukulele Magazine wrote:

…where this little [ukulele] really stood out was volume. It’s a cannon, and not just because of the hole shooting up toward my head. For a ukulele in this price range, the sound’s richness and complexity were applaudable…

Greg Olwell, Ukulele Magazine

What you won’t find in that review is that the reviewer liked the uke some much, he purchased it for himself at the end of the review period.

Concert Ukulele Uke Collage

Ukulele Features

Dual-Port System: Hear more of what you are playing

Sealed Die-cast Chrome tuning machines on attractive “lightening bolt” headstock

UK-300T Pre-Amp & Tuner: Chromatic tuner and tone-shaping controls (on applicable models)

Attractive Bridge Design: Offer your customers something different and stylish

Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge

One-piece necks: Added stability allowing instrument to tune-up more quickly and hold tuning longer.

Avaiable Body Sizes: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone

Woods: Mahogany, Acacia, Spruce/Rosewood