• Boulder Creek Guitars (STRINGED INSTRUMENTS) are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase, to the original owner, and is granted only when purchased from an Authorized Boulder Creek Guitars Dealer.

  • All Electronics have a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. Warranty covers parts and labor and/or replacement.

Warranty Terms and Conditions and Exclusions:

This Limited Warranty does not apply to:

(a) Wear and tear to or breakage of frets, strings, nuts, saddle, batteries, or other damage or deterioration due to normal wear and tear of the instrument or its parts, or to normal wear and tear or breakage of any part of an instrument, including but not limited to controls, switches, jacks, plated surfaces, tuning devices, pick guards or finish, or to any instrument case, gig bag, gig bag handles, zippers, latches, case hardware, or finish;

(b) Defects or damage caused by modification, misuse, neglect, abuse, accidents, acts of nature, or improper maintenance of the instrument (c) Defects involving subjective, personal likes or judgments, including opinions regarding tonal characteristics of the instrument or grain characteristics and/or colors of woods;

(d) Defects or damage to an instrument such as cracks, splitting, or warping of wood or damage to the instrument’s finish caused by accident or exposure to changes in or extreme instances of temperature or humidity, exposure to sunlight, moisture, body salts or acids, guitar straps, or guitar stands or hangers which cause harm to the instrument; (e) Defects by any purchaser who did not purchase the instrument from an authorized Boulder Creek Dealer in the United States.

(f) Guitars owned by non USA Owners are Warrantied through the International Distributor in their Region.

(g) Setups, adjustments, or any routine maintenance,

(i) Any instrument whose serial number is missing, altered, or tampered with in any fashion, or

(j) Defects or damage to an instrument which has had work performed on it by or has been otherwise repaired or modified by a technician or repair person other than Boulder Creek Guitars or Certified a warranty center.

Claim Procedures:

Owner will notify Boulder Creek Guitars either directly or through his Boulder Creek authorized dealer the nature of the defect. Boulder Creek Guitars will then issue a Return Authorization Number (RMA) once satisfied that such defect is not the result of misuse, abuse or an excluded issue.

  • Claims for warranty service shall be made by sending the instrument, shipping and insurance prepaid, by the purchaser, to Boulder Creek Guitars at the address shown, together with:
    • (a) evidence confirming the original purchase by purchaser (such as a copy of the sales invoice or receipt, a credit card slip, or the like);
    • (b) a brief description of the nature of the asserted defect; and
    • (c) name, address and phone number of the original purchaser to whom the instrument is to be returned.
    • Please contact Customer Service prior to shipping your guitar. Boulder Creek Guitars shall upon receipt of the instrument, review the description of the asserted defect, examine the instrument, and complete the service, repairs and/or replacements as appropriate under this Limited Warranty. Upon completion of the service, the instrument will be returned by Boulder Creek Guitars, to the original purchaser, with shipping and insurance prepaid by Boulder Creek Guitars, in the same method originally sent to Boulder Creek Guitars. In the event it is determined that the asserted defect is not covered by or is excluded from this Limited Warranty, the instrument shall be returned without repairs or replacement, shipping and insurance to be paid by the purchaser.

This warranty policy is subject to change and amendment, by Boulder Creek Musical Instruments, LLC at any time and may be updated as needed. Please use the date of your original purchase as the confirmation of the warranty in effect for your instrument.

Boulder Creek Musical Instruments 2016 Limited Warranty