Boulder Creek Guitars and RipTide Ukuleles have a strong, passionate following that grows every day. Musicians discover and fall in love with the instruments because they deliver an excellent playing experience at a great price point. Read some of the testimonials and see what has them excited.

Boulder Creek Guitars

I looked for a new guitar for more than 8 months, the only thing I found I liked was a Collins guitar, but did not want to spend 5k for a guitar that I would be scared to death I would damage even though my wife is standing there saying if it’s what you want, buy it.

When I strummed across the Boulder Creek guitar I instantly had to pick it up and start playing it (before looking at the price). I knew I was buying this guitar. I asked a man in the store that was playing a $3600 Gibson to play this as I felt my ears must be lying to me. I would not allow him to look at the price. He also loved the guitar. When he looked at the price he wanted to buy it, I told him it was taken.

This repeated again when he called his friend over to try it out. He said the guy owns several acoustics that cost over $8,000 each. He also loved the guitar and wanted to buy it on the spot.

I am telling you this so you will understand how passionate I am about this guitar.

Ron Moreau Spring, TX

I absolutely love my EBR1-B4 bass as does everyone I play with!

Lee Joseph

I was looking for a fretless acoustic bass, but hated how you need to detune acoustic basses to prevent long-term bridge damage. After speaking to several luthiers and doing my own research, I found two options that had found a way around the detuning needs. Breedlove has reinforced the bridge, as has Boulder Creek. Breedlove has discontinued their fretless, so I started hunting a Boulder Creek to try. A small mom and pop shop near me was the only place to try one, and dang, I live in the DC area. I didn’t expect much…I have pricey tastes in basses. I was floored…I couldn’t find a fault in this “inferior” Chinese made product. This bass killed so many of my misconceptions. The tone is incredible! The front and back are solid wood, the action perfect. The neck is precise, with no dead spots, the fret lines are nice, not too bright to where it looks fretted, but visible if you need them. The shock was the Low B. It was actually useable unlike several other 5-string acoustic basses I had tried.

Sound: Plugged in, it has great tone with a very flexible eq and the phase switch does help with feedback. Unplugged it is amazing, no you can’t be heard over a heavy strumming D-28, but if the guitarist is playing finger-style, I am actually heard. No matter what, you will hear yourself with the body sound hole. The sustain is also incredible, almost shocking. Note: the low B due to the nature of sound waves in the lower notes, say below D, are quite unless plugged in.

I called the company in California one night with a question and actually got to speak with the owner. Awesome guy…I would sell every bass I own and only keep this if I could only keep one!

Freddy K. Aron

Love my Boulder Creek! I enjoy this guitar better than any other new brand on the market! Great job!

Joshua Taylor

Wow! I had some “face time” on a Boulder Creek guitar. I can’t say enough good about their fantastic instruments.

Edward Fry

Can’t wait till I get my ECR1-B (dreadnought)! Love the look, sound and playability of Boulder Creek guitars.

Andrew Wallace

I only play Boulder Creek, here opening for Lonestar in Detroit.

Billy Sloan

I love this guitar!!! The tone is soooo even and the SUSTAIN!!!!!!! “The rest of the guitars will go back in the crate at the end of the night. This guitar stays with me wherever I go!!

Chris Rodriguez (With Keith Urban)

I believe in Boulder Creek Guitars! I love the way they sound and perform! I don’t want to play anything else!!

Trey Hill (Jessica Simpson & Kellie Pickler)

I love your guys’ freaking guitars, the tone from the wood is very true and compared to some of the more expensive guitars I own, Boulder Creek held its ground firmly with outstanding, rich tone and innovative, quality craftsmanship. I am happy to be a part of the Boulder Creek family.

Mike Scott (formerly with Justin Timberlake)

It seems like you guys were calling my name this week while we were up in Nashville wrapping up our latest project from Taylor Swift’s guys to Jason Aldean to my co-producer Johnny Garcia, your guitars were stalking me! LOL!!! With good reason, though. I love the way they play and I love the SBS and I’ve been playing Godin, Tacoma and Gibson and I’m really blown away by your guitars. the way it allows the additional sustain. The tone is fantastic! Thanks!

J.R. Castillo


Riptide Ukuleles

I CURRENTLY OWN 7 DIFFRRENT UKULELES. 3 CONCERT UKULELES(Riptide EUC-5NS, Cordoba 20CM, Lanakai LU-22CGC) and 4 SOPRANO UKULELES (Savannah su-asst,Kala ka-s, 2 Kohalas – 1 is a Kogs model and the other is a “50th anniversary British invasion, with the “union jack” painted on top. Only 1,200 made in total and only sold at Guitar Center. That one doesn’t get played).

In my opinion, my Riptide EUC-5NS is by far the superior ukulele. The action on this is incredible. I can solo so much easier because of how close the strings are to the neck. I love the sound ports, having one projecting to the player helps out so much it’s not even funny!!!!

I just wish that they would make a model with 2 sound ports on the top(front) so i could wear a ukulele strap. Being able to wear a strap while playing, especially when standing is very important. Other than that i really can’t say enough about “Boulder Creek” ukuleles.

Don’t question yourself because of how it looks, just go buy 1 or 2 already! You will not be disappointed.

Chris Slay

Just got a Mahogany Riptide this week, with the built-in pickup & tuner — man, the sucker absolutely POPS out of the amp, with a little chorus & reverb. Awesome sound & feel, especially for the price. I’m lovin’ my new toy!


I was in a little shop that sells only guitars and ukuleles. I was originally going to purchase a banjo ukulele. However, like a kid in a candy shop, I wanted to play and hear them all.

I had played about 6 or 7 at this point and nothing stood out except for some beautiful designs and good looks. I was on my way out, disappointed that I wasn’t going to add a new piece to my collection (mostly Lanikai). The Riptide UB -2N caught my eye only for the fact that the sound port was so small and I thought how could you get any real sound out of that little thing? The sales guy then told me it had two [sound ports], one on the top for me and one in the front for listeners. Intrigued, he pulled it off the shelf and I played one G cord. That, my friends, was all it took.

The stunning deep and rich sound of this baby seemed endless and powerful and I couldn’t stop. I sat there for at least 15 minutes playing a tune I wrote, entranced by the sound this ukulele was creating (not to mention the two tone look and dark lustered rosewood). Then, after I was out of my trance, I thought that there is no way something that sounds and plays this good was in my price range. I very slowly flipped the small, dangling tag to see it was, in fact, LOWER than my max price. I bought it right then and there, no questions asked, and I’m a haggle-kind of guy. I always search eBay and Amazon before I buy anything but not this time.

The only tiny little thing I could criticize are the tune keys which are cheap, brown plastic and I really had to strain to find that criticism. I look forward to playing this bad boy on these upcoming warm summer nights while the harmonies carry me away.

Thank you Riptide for delivering a fantastic product at an even better price.”

Your new loyal customer,

Christopher Hayes

I chose a Riptide EUT-5NS. I love it! It sounds rich and full.


Just bought a tenor riptide uke. I love it! It is solid wood (spruce on top, rosewood on the back) and has beautiful inlay. The sound is incredible. I usually go for the soprano or concert size, but I love the tone of this ukulele!!!


Just traded for a mahogany Riptide with the pickup to play in the worship band at my church! Love this thing-great tone plugged and unplugged.

Shane Spann

Just bought Riptide UC-2N Solid spruce top. The sound so clear and I love it!!!


One of the best deals in a solid spruce top. It has much better tone and sustain than other ukes I’ve played or tested in this price range.


The EUC-2N Riptide Tenor is one of the best acoustic sounding Ukulele I have ever played.

Andrew Koh

This EUC-2N Riptide tenor was the loudest and best sustaining uke out of fifty others, including Lanakais, Cordobas, and twelve other makers. It was superior to a huge Lanakai baritone! Unplugged, this little uke sounded better than all the rest. I scooped it up without a case. I love the darned thing.

Jeff Gusfield

More Testimonials including *many* Boulder Creek Artists



“I love the versatility of the tones! I mean it is the smoothest, richest acoustic bass I have EVER experienced (heard/seen/played)! I can do session work with a ‘singer/songwriter’, work on our album in the studio and on tour right after and never have to worry about the reliability/playability and tonality! I even put it to work on large stage festival shows and it really enhances the dynamic of the show. All other bass players on the road love playing the Boulder Creek!”

— Chris Shepard – Trailer Choir

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing some demos for Stevie Nicks’ new album and I’ve been using the Boulder Creeks. I have to tell you man they sound AMAZING!! No mics, just straight in to a simple mic pre DI. Roy was absolutely floored! He didn’t believe for a second that it wasn’t a big ole’ tube mic in front of the guitar. Those preamps in the guitar are putting out a really, really good tone! I too was well surprised at how non-sterile sounding they were and they articulate to the max!! The Preamp picked up every nuance of the playing!! Very nice! I’ve been using the gut string and the slim line OM Solitaire exclusively mate, no Taylors! They basically didn’t sound as good. So there we have it, I wanted you to know that I don’t get too chatty about much, but this really was an eye opener and wanted to send you guys Kudos. All the best and thanks again for putting those guitars in my hands. It’s been a pleasure!

—Neale Heywood, With Fleetwood Mac

I am very excited to be writing this letter as one of your newest artists. I consider this to be the beginning of a new era in my playing as well as my general musical creativity. Here’s why. Since becoming a professional artist some ten years ago, I have searched for an instrument line that would really speak to me and unlock even more of my natural passion to play and perform. I’ve played a lot of great individual instruments in my search, but until now, hadn’t found that “something” I’ve been looking for that really grabbed me and made me feel like “this is it!”
It wasn’t until one of my friends who owns a music store casually asked me to pick up the new Boulder Creek he had just got in, that I immediately felt the impact of what you’ve built into these guitars. I became quite lost in the moment and kept coming back for more! I found myself returning to the store 4 times to play it again and verify everything I have read about them on your website.
I see clearly why so many other pro’s and casual players are flocking to them. They absolutely sing! They’ve got warmth with vibrance in every register. Their sustain and clarity is just excellent thanks to the SBS bracing. They have excellent acoustic sounding electronics! One great feature after another!
In short, I’m just absolutely thrilled that I’ll be taking my own new Boulder Creeks with me to major stages across the country and abroad. As an artist, my guitars often become my closest companions. They help me tell my stories, form my melodies and help create the magic for an audience that defines who I am and what I’m about. Boulder Creek Guitars have done that for me and that is something I have wanted to say about a guitar for a long time.

— Roy Rivers –

“What I first noticed about my guitar was that It had a bright beautiful tone that really cuts through the other instruments around it. Acoustic guitars can get lost in the mix when you have a big band around you. Not this guitar! It has plenty of power to cut through bass and electric guitars! When I got the guitar home I couldn’t wait to record something because I had a feeling that this guitar would sound really nice on Pro Tools. Well, my feeling was right! No more trying to EQ my acoustic to try and get that crystal clear studio sound. With this guitar it’s as simple as put a mic in front of it and hit record! I am very pleased and this guitar will be my tool of choice from now on!! Thanks Boulder Creek Guitars!!”

— Eric Durrance

“Best off the rack guitar I’ve ever owned, and I have several. Players that use their thumb for 6th string major chords know that string of F Major can tend to go sharp. I’ve got three Boulder Creek guitars and don’t have that problem with any of them. For songwriting, which is my main event, I love the blowback feature of the side sound hole!

— Jimmy Joe Lee, Multiple Gold Record Producer/ Songwriter

“I absolutely LOVE my new Solitaire! It does everything I ask and is no doubt capable of much more. From sweet country licks with The White Saddle Band, cuttin’ through the mix with my seven piece southern rock band, 8 Miles South, or more than holding it’s own with my pop/folk/rock duo. On The Air, I have quickly found that I can rely on my Solitaire to do the job. Thank you, Boulder Creek for producing a great guitar!”

— Rich Nelson

First off…I LOVE my new Boulder Creek ECR3-N! I bought it sight and sound, unseen and unheard and I’m glad I did! I love everything about it. Again, thanks for making such an outstanding guitar for the money. It’s gorgeous, sounds gorgeous and it plays gorgeously. Everyone who sees and hears it has to say something about it…one of the reasons I bought it…I like to be different! And I think you’ve made something different here. Thanks again.”

— Mac Million, Arkansas

“I love my new 12 string guitar! I’ve been looking for an acoustic 12-string to play “Remember” live and I’ve never gotten close to the sound on the original recording, until now. This new Boulder Creek 12 string has the sound to make me forget everything else. Look for me to play the 12 string Boulder Creek Guitar at the Kihncert at the Shoreline this year, and all the other gigs this summer too. I can’t wait to hear what this thing sounds like through the massive Shoreline Amphitheater sound system with speakers as big as houses! It should sound huge! Check out their revolutionary Solitaire series of acoustic guitars at the website below. I’ll be playing one at the Shoreline. Boulder Creek Guitars sound incredible. Once you play one, you’ll want one. That’s no lie. See ya at the Kihncert!”

— Greg Kihn, The Greg Kihn Band

“Wow…is all I can say about the Solitaire I just bought!! I was at World of Music and asked if they had any Martin guitars…no…but Scott showed me this one I have now. I sat down and played an E minor chord, stood up and asked how much? I bought it on the spot.
I am so interested in how this remarkable instrument will grow in numbers as the musicians discover the ease of play and beauty of tone. All the best to you and good fortunes too…Whew! Thank you!!”

— Wes Finlay

“As I mentioned to you on the phone, I own ten guitars including four Taylors. However, over the past few months I have found myself constantly picking up the Solitaire as my “first choice” to play. I find it extremely “playable” and have come to thoroughly enjoy the sound traveling back to me through the unique sound hole.
It’s one of the very few guitars I have purchased without playing it first…while I was very concerned with that very unwise approach, I have been vindicated….a great guitar! Thanks.”

— Jim Fisher

“I have the ECR1-B and I can’t put it down! I sometimes play it through an amp and the people I’m playing for tell me to disconnect the amp so they can hear the pure sound. It’s breaking up my relationship with my girlfriend… I’d rather play with my guitar. One happy customer! Hey a marketing idea… if you want to get rid of your girlfriend and don’t know how buy a Boulder Creek Guitar. It will happen naturally.”

— Jim

“I think the Boulder Creek Stage and Studio guitars are great guitars for the money. Mine is getting sweeter by the day! I have a Taylor 814ce, Martin om21, Breedlove, PRS, Eric Johnson Fender Strat and my Boulder Creek, which is becoming one of my favorite guitars! I also want a Boulder lefty for my husband and I would like a solitaire for me at some point. I attend a writers meeting once a month and there is a guy there that is the disc‐jockey for Renfro Valley, Mount Vernon, Ky. He is looking for a guitar and I plan on sharing my Boulder Creek with him.”

— Deb McAlister

“From the moment I received my Acoustic guitar from Boulder Creek and took it out of the box, for one it was in a real well built case. The guitar itself is a beauty; it’s a ECRN4-NS model Cedar top and Rosewood sides and back, and a low sheen finish. One of the first things I noticed was the built in electronics and the built in tuner, which worked like a charm.
After tuning the guitar, I gave it a trial run, which ended up being over an hour or so. She played and sounded beautiful.
It’s a very loud and clear guitar with great tone. I couldn’t of made a better choice. It’s the Acoustic I’ve been looking for all my life. I love it. I’ll soon be putting it to work on a new recording. Thanks to everyone at Boulder Creek!”

— Rick Drago

“The sound of this Boulder Creek Solitaire is awesome! It is really adaptable for all purposes, compared to the other acoustics I’ve owned over the years. The dual outputs and the built-in tuner on the guitar are great features!! Thank you Boulder Creek for making such a reliable instrument.”

— Tony Pulizzi

“I’ve been playing the Solitaire exclusively at a number of showcases and recording sessions in LA and Hollywood. Needless to say, the guitar has generated A LOT of attention. The uniqueness and the quality of the Solitaire match my own style. Every showcase has followed with a series of questions as to where I got the guitar and how can they go about getting one as well. I’ve been a champion for your great guitar! It’s a really a pleasure to play.”

— Lucky Diaz

“The best thing about the Boulder Creek Acoustic – apart from the great playability and feel to the hands – is it’s incredible presence and resonance (plugged and unplugged). When plugged in, I love that I can run the balanced signal straight to the board and the usual acoustic dryness just isn’t there. I highly recommend these guitars!”

— Martin Lewis

“I’ve been playing Benjy Gaithers’ Boulder Creek guitar for a few months now. I’m totally blown away.
It’s such an innovative design and really ideal for both live performance because of the reduced feedback issues and for writing because the sound is projected right back at the player.
I play keys, acoustic guitar and background vocals for Julianne Hough ( and I’ve been looking for a new acoustic to take out on the road.
I was using a Taylor, but it was stolen. I’ve been looking for some middle ground between what I love about the Taylor feel and the Martin sound. This is exactly how I would describe the Boulder Creek guitar. It plays easily and evenly, and the sound has a fullness and richness that my last couple Taylors have lacked.”

— Tim Sheff

“The Nylon String is a darn hard instrument to amplify, many times the pickup responds strangely with drastic differences in timbre and volume from the wound strings to the nylon upper three, not to mention the dreaded feedback.
This is not so with the Boulder Creek ECL-4. Besides it’s simple inherent beauty, ease of playing and comfort, it does a remarkable job of delivering an even and pleasing tone throughout the string range even in altered tunings which I use on the instrument. The tuner is fabulously accurate, easily viewable and the sound hole design virtually eliminates feedback at just about any level. Likewise the EQ and preamp section will fine tune the timbre to any ear.
It’s all there in the ECL-4 classic guitar, the only other thing required would be the player, that would be you. Namaste.

— Michael Spriggs